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Our goal is cover everything a pilot needs to know as they pursue their dream of learning to fly. To help you on your journey you can read in-depth buyers guides, such as the best headsets and handheld radios, reviews of products, and helpful articles about the world of aviation.

Aviation Headsets

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An aviation headset is the one thing pilots can’t do without, as it keeps your hearing safe and allows you to communicate. This is why he have covered this section in detail.

In our best aviation headset guide we have divided headsets into 3 sections: ANR, PNR and In-ear headsets, covering all different budgets and use cases – such as the best option for student pilots and passengers.

We made sure to include a comparison table so you can compare features like battery life, Bluetooth, ear seal material, warranty etc. as well as important specs like the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating), weight and frequency response.


ANR Headsets

ANR headsets are the go-to for the majority of pilots once they obtain a bit of experience and realise that flying is something they want to pursue. ANR models reduce noise by utilizing a tiny microphone and speaker in each ear cup. A mirror image of the sound is produced to cancel out noise at troublesome frequencies. Due to this technology, ANR headsets can cost a lot of money.

A budget headset, for example, can cost as much as a premium PNR headset. Still, it is a cost many pilots feel is worth it, especially as many love being able to use Bluetooth in the cockpit.


PNR Headsets

PNR (Passive Noise Reduction) headsets are best suited for student pilots, passengers, as a backup, and generally anyone on a budget. They are much cheaper than ANR headsets because no technology is used to reduce noise. This also means no Bluetooth. Instead, it is all about how good of a seal you can get as the ear cups engulf your ear. Comfort is therefore one of the most important factors to consider.


In-Ear Headsets

You don’t have as much choice when it comes to in-ear headsets, but we have included the best 3 options available, including ANR and PNR models.

In-ear headsets are starting to become more popular because they weigh so little and the clamping force is more or less non-existent, which is one area of comfort that pilots complain about the most. You also don’t have to compromise on other aspects like battery life and Bluetooth.



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Similar to our headset buying guide, we have included a buying guide to help you select the best aviation handheld radio, complete with an extensive comparison table. There are also useful articles such as learning how to talk on a radio, and what sort of range you can expect.


Pilot Supplies

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There are a few supplies that every pilot needs. In this section, we cover topics like the best logbook for pilots , and the soon to come guides for selecting the right sunglasses, watches, kneeboards, maintenance products, and more.



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Learning how to fly isn’t always the smoothest of journeys. So, in this section you can find useful resources to help make the journey as easy as possible, such as the best ifr books, and frequently asked questions student pilots have.